About Us




Driven to achieve success by using the

Resources that's afforded to us and keeping

Education first, staying focused, and ready to overcome

Adversity and accomplish our goal of becoming better


What We Do


One Team One Dream All Stars Basketball Program is focused on teaching and training boys and girls in the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing them for the next level of middle school, high school and hopefully college. We have assembled some of the finest basketball players in Jacksonville and constantly search for tomorrow superstars as well. We like to emphasize that we develop our own players. We currently have 50 talented young men and women, both academically and athletically. We are proud to fill teams in the following Age Divisions for our All Year Round Season: 10U, 12U, 13U, 14U and 17U. We provide our players with educational resources and support such as, tutors and mentors. These services are provided to make the boys and girls more competitive and marketable for scholarship opportunities. By competing in high profile basketball tournaments, located in cities throughout the states of Florida and Georgia, our teams gain valuable exposure to college coaches and recruiters, thus making scholarship opportunities available to our players. As a non-profit youth organization, we rely on support from dedicated companies and people such as you. We appreciate any type of contribution to our program either monetary, or goods and services. Funds are used to pay for equipment, practice facilities, tournament fees and traveling expenses. All funds raised go directly to our program as our coaches, managers, and mentors are NON-PAID, dedicated volunteers.  

Our Impact


One Team One Dream Inc., is dedicated to helping youth channel their passion for basketball to create positive experiences for themselves and others in their communities. Our athletes are involved individually and collectively in community outreach.  Our Principles of Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization and is properly aligned with the AAU mission and vision statements: http://www.aausports.org/Resources/AboutAAU.aspx. One Team One Dream Inc., identified two national initiatives that, through our advocacy, will demonstrate our commitment to having a positive impact on our athletes and on our communities.